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Swan Band is a progressive Folk-Rock band established by singer-songwriters

Noa Shemer and Yaron Amitai in 2016.

Their original music consists of a blend between nowadays music and 70's
Prog Folk-Rock music, combined with male and female harmonizing vocals. The
band cooperates with other musical writers from other Prog bands from the
early 70's, such as Robb Huxley (Jericho Jones, The Churchills) The songs
are both in Hebrew and English – another special feature of the band's
connecting between different languages, places and times.

Their first single A Simple Trick of Mind was well received by the media, and was
chosen to be one of the best songs of 2016 Columbus music magazine in

In 2017-18 the band kept on performing and recording, releasing other singles
such as: Lost in Outer Space and Dimyon amity which were also well received and
air-played daily by radio stations all across Israel.

In November 2017 Swan Band was chosen to be the supporting group for Alan
Parsons Project in Israel: in Haifa (international Convention Center) and Tel Aviv

In April 2019 the band released the single Pgisha Kvua. The music to the song
was given to them by a famous singer-songwriter and guitarist Yitzhak Klepter.
He was also a musical guest in the band's debut album. Shem Tov Levi one of the well known musician singer songwriter is also featured in the album, he plays flute on In Other Worlds.

Their debut album Lost in Outer Space was released on May 2019. The album
received excellent reviews from (a major newspaper in Israel) and
from different radio DJ's and bloggers. Among them was Yoav Kutner, a famous radio broadcaster in Israel, who invited the band to play live in IDF Radio.
Swan Band continues to perform live to their audience, who supported the
band's crowdfunding campaign. The band is currently working on a new single
All the Children which will due to be released on June 2020.


Swan Band has six members:
Noa Shemer - vocals and keyboards
Yaron Amitai - vocals and acoustic guitar
Tal Livni - Drums
Moshe Davidson - Lead guitar
Orri Dror - Bass and background vocals

Mattan Klein - flute

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